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“Thank you for spreading inspiration, empowerment, & healing. Grateful for you!!” 



“I just love this! I love it when mothers and friends circle around each other for support! If your interested, my blog is about supporting mothers also, so if you ever need an extra friend please come my way. In the meantime I’m super excited to read more of your articles, they are right up my street!”

-Nanny Maryanne, Regarding AMAZING Miracle of Moms- YOU Have Something to Offer Moms in Need


“A very thorough article! I love finding the natural consequences in situations for my children and teaching them rather than placing my own punishments or consequences on them. A coach-style of parenting definitely feels better than punishing your kids all the time!”

-Kelly Eden, Regarding Should I Use Punishment in My Parenting? Answers from ABA Therapy


“Love this post, it’s filled with so many wonderful ideas!”

-Nanny Maryanne, Regarding 8 Ideas To Make Valentine’s Day (Or Any Other Day) Special for Your Man


“We do a lot of what you’ve described and it works. It just takes effort and consistency.”

-Janna, Regarding 3 Reasons and 4 Tips to Save Kids (And Ourselves) From Technology


“Totally agree with this list! Fantastic”

-lifewithlittleandlula, Regarding 16 Rules of Parenting Etiquette That Will Make YOU One Popular Mama





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