Methods to Burp a Baby Effectively

4 Methods to Burp A Baby Effectively

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What?? There’s more than one way to burp a baby?

Yeah, I know, who knew? NOT ME!

There’s a lot more to burping babies that you would think.

My first child was not a good burper. She had gas a lot because I couldn’t figure out how to help her burp! Of course, that made her upset and then I struggled to calm a fussy baby. I had only heard of one method (over the shoulder) and it wasn’t working for us.

When I finally got smart and did a little research, I found TONS of useful information about how to burp your baby that solved all my problems.

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Why Do Babies Need to Burp??

  • When babies eat, bubbles of air are ingested that can make them uncomfortable.
  • If those pockets of air stay in the baby’s system, it can cause painful gas.
  • Gas causes babies to be upset. It is difficult to soothe a gassy baby.
  • Dad can help with burping. It’s a great way for him to be involved with the baby.
  • Burping is a great time to connect with your newborn.
  • Touching and patting is stimulating and healthy for the baby.
  • It feels good to meet our baby’s needs! Every new mom needs that boost in confidence!

When Should I Burp My Baby?

Every baby is different, so pay attention to your baby’s cues. This will help you predict when your child needs to burp. Watch for common signs of discomfort like:

  • Arching back
  • Fussiness
  • Pulling away or refusing to nurse

Breastfed babies typically burp when they switch breasts and again at the end of the meal.

Bottle fed babies burp at least once in the middle of the meal and once at the end of the meal. Bottles can cause babies to swallow more air so it may be necessary to burp more often.

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How Do I Burp My Baby?

Here are those four techniques I promised!

  • Over the Shoulder: You know this one. The parent can choose to sit or stand. Face your baby towards you, rest his chin on your shoulder, support his body with one arm, and lean back to allow the child to rest into you. Then firmly pat or rub the child’s back, moving your hand up and down as you pat to release any air bubbles.


  • Variation on Over the Shoulder: This method is very similar to the basic Over the Shoulder Method. The only change is to hold your baby a little higher up on your shoulder so that the child’s belly rests on your shoulder. This causes just a little extra pressure to help release those air bubbles. Only use this method if it is comfortable for your baby (no slouching or odd body position) and if he can breathe easily.


  • On Your Lap: Sit down to use this burping method. Sit the child on your lap. Support his head in one hand. Place your fingers along the child’s jaw, not on the child’s neck, nose, or mouth. The baby’s chest can rest on your open palm, creating additional support. Pat the baby’s back.


  • Lying on Lap: Sit down for this method as well. Lay the baby across your lap. Place one hand under the baby’s head with his cheek against your palm. Keep the head at the same height or slightly higher than his body. Never let the baby’s head drop lower than his body, as this will cause all the blood to rush to his head. Pat the baby’s back.


When choosing which method to use, look for which position your baby seems to prefer, which is most comfortable for you, and which is most effective in helping your child burp.

Some moms choose just one, some moms switch back and forth between different methods.

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Other Helpful Tips:

  • It’s ok if your baby doesn’t burp sometimes. Always try to burp your baby, but don’t stress if it just isn’t working here and there. Sometimes the baby doesn’t need to burp.
  • Expect more burps from bottle fed babies and less burps from breast fed babies.
  • Be ready for spit up! Don’t worry, your child is still getting adequate nutrition. It’s normal to spit up when burping. Just keep a burp cloth handy to clean up with.
  • Make burping a stimulating experience. Sing, sway, talk, kiss, hug your baby. Not only is it great stimulation, but it also helps the baby stay calm during the burping process. It’s harder to burp if you’re tense or upset!
  • Take advantage of these sweet moments with your baby! Soon, he’ll be big enough that he doesn’t need your help to burp, and that’ll be one less one-on-one activity for the two of you. Soak up your cutie!

There you have it! Everything you need to know to burp a baby!!

I hope these tips make your life easier. They did for me!

Happy burping!


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