Ultimate List of OVER 50 Family Board Games- Family Bonding, Survive the Winter, Learn Life Lessons, Endless Fun, and Great Gifts!

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I LOVE board games and card games!! Love, love love them. So much.

Not only are they a ton of fun, but they teach all kinds of life skills to kids. 

In my time working with children, I have spent countless hours playing board games and card games- as an intentional therapeutic technique. During these games, I taught children skills including but not limited to:

  • Cooperation
  • Winning Graciously
  • Loosing Graciously
  • Perseverance
  • Strategy
  • Creative Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Social Skills
  • Following Rules
  • Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Letters
  • Patterns/Matching Skills
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
  • Sharing and Taking Turns
  • Waiting
  • Focus
  • How to Have Safe and Clean Fun
  • How to Be Excited without Being Crazy
  • Planning Ahead and Consider Consequences
  • Learn from Previous Experiences

Obviously, board games and card games are wonderful for children!

boy playing jenga

Now, all this learning doesn’t just come without a little help from a parent. It’s your job to:

  • Point out these lessons so that the child is cognitive of them. It’s easy to let life lessons slip by! Don’t let that happen to you. Make sure you are actively and intentionally teaching the child through the natural play experiences that come from board games.
  • Help the child. Most games will be tough for a child at first, but as the child gets better and better at the game he will become more independent. Make sure you slowly withdraw your help as the child learns more and more.
  • Remind the child of previous experiences to aid recollection and strategy.
  • Work through emotions with the child. Winning and losing is highly emotional.
    • It is stressful and frustrating to lose. Kids don’t naturally know how to handle tough emotions like that. They will need mom or dad’s help to learn how to cope.
    • On the flip side, winning can cause pride and boasting. There is a balance here- it is good for kids to feel pride when they accomplish something that they worked at, like winning a game. Guide the child to win in a gracious way, without making others feel bad. 
  • Teach the rules. Every game is different, and it’s not easy for kids to keep the rules straight. This can be a cause of contention among children if they disagree on what the rules are.
  • Set up social experiences. Provide your child with play dates, time with friends, family night, and other awesome social experiences to practice all these great skills taught by playing board games!

It’s SOOO fun and SOOOO beneficial to kids to play board games and card games.

white and blue car toy on top of orange game board

And an added bonus—- Board games and Card games make AMAZING gifts!

  • Don’t know what to get your teenager?? There’s something on this list for him or her!
  • Don’t know what to get your family friend? Check here!
  • Don’t want to spend a bunch of money getting something for each person? Get a gift the whole family will love!
  • Don’t know what to get that random cousin whose name you drew for the Christmas Gift Exchange? Look no further!
  • Need a funny and yet functional White Elephant Gift? Check!
  • Want to bring the best gift to that birthday party you were invited to? This is it!

Behold- In all it’s glory- My awesome list of over 50 perfect family games!

It’s everything you could ever want.

And don’t miss the MUST-HAVE GAMES at the bottom of the list. Your home isn’t complete if you’re missing these classics! 

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1) Trekking The National Parks: The Family Board Game (Second Edition)

2) Exploding Kittens Card Game

3) Qwixx – A Fast Family Dice Game

4) Our Moments Kids: 100 Thought Provoking Conversation Starters for Great Parent-Child Relationship Building – Fun Car Travel, Road Trip & Home Card Questions Game for Healthy Loving Family Development

5) Utter Nonsense Family Edition – The Game of Funny Voices and Accents!

6) 5 Second Rule Junior

7) Hasbro Guesstures Game

8) Catch Phrase Game

9) Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

10) Taboo Party Board Game With Buzzer for Kids Ages 13 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)

11) Grandpa Beck’s Cover Your Assets: From the creators of Skull King and The Bears and The Bees

12) Don’t Step In It

13) USAopoly Telestrations Original 8 Player Board Game | 1 LOL Party Game | Play with your friends and Family | Hilarious Game for All Ages | The Telephone Game Sketched Out


14) It’s in The Bag! – Newest Game for Family! for Adults! for Parties! Laugh Out Loud in This Game of Teamwork. Describe, Guess & Charades! Act Fast in This Popular Quick-witted Card Game! 4-20 Players!

15) WHAT DO YOU MEME? Party Game

16) Googly Eyes Game — Family Drawing Game with Crazy, Vision-Altering Glasses


17) Relative Insanity Party Game about Crazy Relatives – Made and Played by Comedian Jeff Foxworthy – 7441

18) PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Game – New Edition

19) Spontuneous – The Song Game – Sing It or Shout It – Talent NOT Required (Best Family / Party Board Games for Kids, Teens, Adults – Boy & Girls Ages 8 & Up),Yellow

20) Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition – The Authentic, Hilarious, Mouthguard Party Card Game

21) HedBanz Game, Family Guessing Game – Edition may vary

22)Platinum Family Feud Signature Game

23)Magilano SKYJO The Ultimate Card Game for Kids and Adults. The Ideal Board Game for Funny, Entertaining and exciting Playing Hours with Friends and Family.

24)Hasbro Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Game, Game Night, Ages 8 and up(Amazon Exclusive)

25) Codenames

26) World of Disney Eye Found It Board Game

27)PlayMonster Spoons – The game of Card Grabbin’ & Spoon Snaggin’

28) Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game for Kids and Adults Age 7 and Up – Millions Sold, Easy to Learn and Play With Great replay value

29) Inspiration Play Double Ditto Family Party Board Game

30)Monopoly Deal Card Game

31)Goat Lords — Hilarious and Competitive New Card Game, Best for Adults, Teens, and Kids, Ages 7 and Up. Awesome Party Game for Families, Fun Board Games Nights, etc! – Hard Durable Box – Free e-Book

32)Deer in the Headlights

33)Kings in the Corner Game

34)Quiddler Card Game

35)Slamwich: A Fast Flipping Card Game with Cards

36)Sushi Go! – The Pick and Pass Card Game

37)Not Parent Approved: A Hilarious Card Game for Kids, Tweens, Families and Mischief Makers


38) Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game, Classic Games, Exciting Balancing Game, Develops Hand-Eye Coordination, 12.5″ H x 2.8″ W x 2.8″ L

39) Jenga Classic Game

40) Yahtzee

41) Hasbro Guess Who? Classic Game

42) Rummikub — The Original Rummy Tile Game


43) Mattel Games Apples to Apples Junior – The Game of Crazy Comparisons (Packaging May Vary)

44) Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game Amazon Exclusive For Ages 7 and Up

45) Operation Mania – PC

46) Pictionary Board Game

47) Sorry! Game

48) Trouble Game

49) Spot It!

50) Hasbro Connect 4 Game

51) Clue Game

52) Sequence Game

53) Ticket To Ride – Europe

54) Phase 10 Card Game Styles May Vary

55) Winning Moves RACK-O, Retro package Card Game

56) UNO Card Game

57) SKIP BO Card Game

There you have it! Let the fun begin!


Mrs. S


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8 Ideas To Make Valentine’s Day (Or Any Other Day) Special for Your Man

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This post may contain advertisements and/or links for products and services that I value. I offer recommendations to products and/or services that I find helpful in my own life as a mom. I may receive a commission based on viewer purchases or interactions with these ads. You will NOT be charged any extra money. All prices will stay the same for you whether your purchase items/services through links found on this site or not! 

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is mostly a girl holiday.

We love the cute red balloons, and pink heart-shaped desserts, and giant teddy bears, and of course LOTS of chocolate! But more than anything, we love feeling spoiled by our man!

This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to switch things up a bit. I decided to think of ways that I could spoil him

But it wasn’t easy.

In fact, it was pretty stinking tricky.

In the process of brainstorming, here’s a list of my absolute, topnotch, foolproof ideas to make Valentine’s Day a special day for your man this year! 

Here’s to strengthening your relationship, one expression of love at a time!

man and woman holding hands together in field during daytime

1) Give Him That One Thing He’s Been Wanting Forever. 

You know, the thing he keeps bringing up over and over? Not even to ask you for it, it’s just so important to him that it comes up often.

For my husband, it’s tools, a new scope for his rifle, and a smoker.

Of course, I can’t afford all three, but if I can get just one thing for him that he really wants, not only will it show that I want to sacrifice to get him an amazing gift but it also shows that I love him enough to listen to his wants and needs. 

What if your husband wants something that you know nothing about?? That makes shopping really tough. I often have to ask my husband’s friends or his brother for help to make sure I buy the right thing. 🙂 And always keep the receipt just in case! 

man and woman hugging near sea during golden hour

2) Give Him your Time.

Find an activity that’s out of the ordinary routine for you two. Make it just for you and him- no kids!

Yep, that means a little homework for you. Track down a babysitter, make sure your calendar is free of any outside events, put your phone down. No distractions! Today is JUST for him! 

  • A picnic
  • Go stargazing
  • Rent a 4-wheeler, Snowmobile, or a Razor
  • Spend a night at a hotel!
  • Play his favorite video game with him
  • Buy a Movie Pass

Applebee’s – AMC Dinner & A Movie, Multipack of 2 – $25

  • Go hiking
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Have a photo shoot
  • If you can afford it, plan a vacation or a getaway together!
  • Go skydiving
  • Go zip lining
  • Rent his dream car for a day
  • Go kayaking
  • Bungee Jump off a bridge!
  • Go whitewater rafting
  • Have great conversation!

Our Moments Couples: 100 Thought Provoking Conversation Starters for Great Relationships – Fun Conversation Cards Game for Couples

  • Commit to continue to spend time together!

The Buttercup House Date Idea Box, Date Ideas For Couples, Date Night Ideas, Date Ideas

silhouette of person's hands forming heart

3) Give Him a New Skill. 

A great way to give meaningful gifts is to think of gifts as memories instead of objects. What amazing memories could you give your man this Valentine’s Day?

  • Improv Course
  • Go to the gun range and learn to shoot
  • Rock climbing class
  • Fly a helicopter
  • Golf lessons
  • Learn to fly fish
  • Cooking, art, self-improvement, writing, ANYTHING he’s interested in!

selective focus photography of woman and man about to kiss

4) Give Him a Quiet Night at Home. 

Some guys don’t want all the adventure and excitement. Sometimes, he’s exhausted from the day to day and the best thing you could possibly do is give him the gift of rest! 

Of course, that doesn’t mean your Valentine’s Day has to be boring. Try some of these ideas for an exciting night in!

  • Play a board game or card game. Bring out the competitive side in each other!
  • Candle lit dinner (Take out or delivery please!)
  • Cook together
    • Try a new recipe
    • Have a Cook Off!
    • Try cooking or eating with silly utensils. Can you eat spaghetti with salad tongs or drink from a pitcher??
    • Choose 5 random items at the grocery store and make a meal including all 5 things!
  • Research something you’ve always wanted to learn, a place you’ve always wanted to visit, or an experience you’ve always wanted to try!
  • Indoor Mini Golf!
  • Do a puzzle
  • Build a fort together
  • Read to each other
  • Take a bubble bath together
  • Create a bucket list for your relationship!
  • Connect on a deeper level by asking each other questions

Reveal or Conceal – The Game with 500 Questions to Get to Know Each Other

Peaceable Kingdom This or That? Quick and Clever Get to Know You Game for Friends and Family

man and woman holding hands together in walkway during daytime

5) Give Him Sex.

Let’s be real, men love to have fun in the bedroom. (So do women…)

I can’t think of a better night to put that little black thing on for your hunk than February 14!

And on this note… there’s a ton of super fun sexy games for couples to play just to keep things spicy! If you want a fun and exciting gift for your man, check out some of these awesome links!! Just click the images below!

A man and woman cuddling together in bed.

6) Give Him Food.

Everyone loves food! Here’s some ideas to put a twist on boring boxes of chocolates.

  • Go to a tasting (whiskey, bourbon, wine, whatever!)
  • Make your own tasting at home with all his favorite foods or drinks
  • Roast marshmallows (over a fire or over the stove)
  • Try a new food that neither of you have ever had!
  • Try authentic foods from all over the world! Experience a variety of cultures!
  • Go restaurant hopping! Have appetizers at one location, then a main course at another location, and dessert somewhere else!
  • Go restaurant hopping but only order appetizers and drinks at each place
  • Use your best coupons! See if you can get a great meal for free or super inexpensive!!

man kissing woman's forehead

7) Give Him the Gift of Appreciation.

Find a clever way to tell him how much he means to you, how grateful you are for him, and all the reasons why you love him! 

Here’s some great ideas:

  • Heart Attack: Leave hearts with a kind thought about your partner on each one. Make so many that they cover his car, or the bathroom mirror, or the bed, or his front door, or whatever!
  • Send a special card or note to his office. Special delivery!
  • Make a scrapbook of your favorite moments together and tell him why you love each memory with him
  • Write down all the kind things he does for you for a week. Give him the list and tell him how much it all meant to you!
  • Text him often throughout the day
  • Write down 100 things you love about him and give him the list
  • Put a note in his lunch telling him how important he is to you and why
  • Create a photo book with captions explaining why each picture is significant to your relationship
  • Write down all the ways he turns you on and give him the list
  • Create a “Story of Us” with simple images (even stick figures). Include all the things that made you fall in love with him and things you have overcome together
  • Hide post it notes in places he will find them (in a shoe, in his wallet, on the mirror, in the fridge) with kind words for him
  • Create a video or slideshow full of amazing things about your partner
  • Keep a journal together or individually of all the experiences that grow your relationship. Share it with him. Enjoy looking back at how far you’ve come together!
  • Write a message in lipstick on the mirror
  • For at least a week before Valentine’s, tell him one thing you love about him before you go to bed. This will build the love and suspense for a great Valentine’s Day!
  • Tell your friends and family how amazing your man is when your man is around and when he isn’t! It will get back to him, and it means a lot.

woman on bike reaching for man's hand behind her also on bike

8) Give Him the Gift of Chores Done!

Sometimes, the worst part of the day is when you get home from work and you’re exhausted, but there’s still a ton to get done at home. 

No rest for the wicked!

This is especially annoying on Valentine’s Day when you are supposed to spend all your time loving on each other, not doing chores!

Help your man out by finding a way to help him with his chores in advance. This will take some pressure off of him, make your night more relaxing for both of you, and show him that you are willing to make sacrifices for his well being. 

It’s not easy. After all, you’ve got your own job and household chores to do! But that’s what makes this a great way to show you care.

Stay up a little later the night before, arrange to leave work an hour early, or ask a friend to watch the kids for a while so that you can do the prep work necessary to kick off your Valentine’s Day with a bang!

As soon as he walks in the door, there’s nothing else to think about but each other. 

Here’s some acts of service that mean a lot to my man:

  • Wash the car
  • Clean house
  • Firewood stacked (we use a wood stove as our primary heat source)
  • Dishes done
  • Snow shoveled
  • Laundry folded and put away
  • Lawn mowed (if you live in a warm location)
  • Kids fed and hopefully off to the babysitter’s house

man and woman sitting on bench during daytime

Those of you who are familiar with the 5 Love Languages might have caught on that at least one of these ideas covers each love language. 

  • Quality Time- #1, 3, 4, 5, 7
  • Words of Affirmation- #7
  • Physical Touch- #4, 5
  • Receiving Gifts- #2, 3, 5
  • Acts of Service- #6, 8

No matter what your man’s love language is, he’s bound to feel appreciated, loved, respected, wanted, and committed when you treat him to an awesome day that’s just for him!

Especially on Valentine’s Day- the day he thought was just for you.

Need more information? Check out 45 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him by  and 


Mrs. S


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How to Respond When Children Wander Away (Or Worse)- Staying Safe from Child Abduction

Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

This post may contain advertisements and/or links for products and services that I value. I offer recommendations to products and/or services that I find helpful in my own life as a mom. I may receive a commission based on viewer purchases or interactions with these ads. You will NOT be charged any extra money. All prices will stay the same for you whether your purchase items/services through links found on this site or not! 

Updated: 2/13/2019


Safety Trivia: During Christmas time, it is common to decorate with what poisonous plant? (See answer at bottom of page)


Every parent has stories about losing their kids for a moment or two in a store, at a gas station, at Disneyland, or at a park.

Those moments are nerve wracking for mother and child.

We know that children are usually just fine, but with child trafficking and other abuse out there, no parent can take any chances. 

Please comment below: Have you ever been separated from your child in public? What did you do? 

Let’s discuss this topic in the following sections:

  1. How to Be Proactive In Prevention
  2. What To Do In the Moment
  3. Skills for Your Child
  4. Worse Case Scenario

woman in white blouse and blue denim jeans helping a baby crawl on green grass

Photo by Jordan Rowland on Unsplash

1) How to Be Proactive In Prevention

Many, many bad situations can be avoided with a little preparation on the parents’ part. Try these tips to keep your family safe:

  • Teach your children a “Magic Safety Word” that they respond to automatically. Practice and practice your word until the children know to run to mom any time they hear this word. You can use fun games, like Simon Says or Red Light, Green Light to practice running to mom when you hear the word. My husband’s family uses a whistle- that works great too.
  • Teach your children their full name, phone number, and address. If they are too young, you can write it on their arm, on the inside of a jacket or shirt, on backpack tags, or on the bottom of  their shoes.
  • Get your child safety tools such as a GPS watch. 
  • Teach children to stay next to you, and teach them why.
  • Have the stranger-danger talk often. In addition to teaching children to avoid strangers, teach them about “community helpers” such as policemen or store employees who can help the child if they are ever lost.

man and woman holding baby's hand while walking on road

  • Be aware of common abduction techniques.
    • Abductors try to get their victims in the car as quickly as possible for a fast getaway.
    • Not all abductors are men. Women also help in child trafficking because they draw less suspicion than men do.
    • Abductors try to change the child’s physical appearance quickly. Some abductors carry items like a shirt or a wig to put on the child so that they do not match the physical description that people are searching for.
  • If you are going to a particularly crowded place such as an amusement park, try these tips:
    • Arrange a meeting place just in case someone gets separated from the group. If you lose each other, immediately go to the meeting place and look there first.
    • Take a picture of each child at the beginning of the day so that you know exactly what their clothing looks like in case of an incident. Use some kind of bright or unique piece of clothing that is easily recognizable.
    • Use the “buddy system”– assign each child a partner. Everyone is in charge of keeping an eye on their partner. This keeps everyone on their toes and decreases the chances of getting separated.
    • Use a sharpie to write your name and phone number on the child’s arm.


GPS Watch

Mini GPS Tracker

Backpack Labels

The Game Plan Game: Everyone Needs A Game Plan for Safety, Life Skills and Feelings Management


2) What To Do In the Moment

Despite our best efforts, children sometimes get lost in crowded places. They get distracted, they wander… it happens.

But it is terrifying because there are too many bad people in the world that would take advantage of a lost and unprotected child.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Stay calm. Getting worked up overstimulates your senses and makes you less effective. For your child’s sake, keep it together.
  2. Don’t hesitate! Act fast. Most abductions are quick and silent, so don’t worry about embarrassment. Just get to work.
  3. Use specific details to get other people looking for your child as well.
  4. Be loud. Shout the child’s name, or even better- call out a description of the child to the people around you. Abductors want to blend in and go unnoticed. If a large group of people are aware of a missing child’s physical appearance, it is difficult for an abductor to sneak away with the child.
  5. Use the resources around you. Watch for a main office, a help desk, employees, policemen, or just ask the strangers around you. They can all help.
  6. If possible, keep a family member at the location where you lost the child. Most children don’t go far.

timelapse photo of people passing the street

Photo by mauro mora on Unsplash

3) Skills For Your Child To Know

In these scary situations, the child is likely scared and confused as well. Giving the child tools beforehand can help them make smart decisions.

  • Never get in anyone’s car or leave the store or location where you lost mom.
  • Never put on any different clothes than what you were wearing when you lost mom.
  • Know who the “community helpers” are. Know what clothes they wear so that you can find one to help you. Another common technique is to teach children to ask a woman with children with her, hoping that another mom will have sympathy and help the child.
  • Know your parents’ phone number, your full name, your address, etc. so that the helpers can contact mom.
  • If there is a family meeting place, teach the child to go there first. If there is no meeting place, the child should stay where he lost you.
  • Teach the child mom’s full name. People pick their own name out of background noise more than other sounds. I am more likely to hear “Becca Sheffield” over the hum of a crowd than “mommy”.

Is this information helpful? Please comment and like!

person standing on misty ground

Photo by Jakub Kriz on Unsplash

More Great Reads: 

AMAZING Miracle of Moms- Let’s All Be That Mom Every Day

The Most Important Word in the English Language (For Parents)- Remember

When Life Is On A Parent’s Side- Taking Advantage of Natural Consequences


4) Worse Case Scenario

There is a story of a boy named Jake who was ALMOST abducted in a crowded beach.

His family was enjoying a nice day, visiting vendors and booths. Jake was right next to Mommy. She let go of his hand for a second, and he was gone that fast. 

Jake’s mom called for him.

A nearby army cadet heard Jake’s mom shouting, and offered to help. He and his army buddies started shouting to the crowd, “We are looking for a boy, He is 4-years old, blonde and in a red T shirt. Have you seen him?”

Jake’s mom attributes his safety to that specific phrase.

Turns out, Jake was with a man who promised to show Jake a “real rocket ship” if Jake came with him. 

When so many in the crowd started looking for the boy in such specific detail, the abductor knew he could not get Jake away without being spotted, so he just left.

Jake was found soon after.

(Read the full story here)

woman in white dress shirt holding her daughter in tutu dress beside of asphalt road during daytime

Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash

Please comment below: Have you ever been separated from your child in public? What did you do? 

This story makes me so scared for Jake, so angry at that man, so relieved that it all turned out ok, and so determined never to let anything happen to my own children. 

Keep your sweet little ones safe, and help the other moms around you.

There is bad in this world, but it’s nothing compared to all the good. Thank you for being the kind of moms who will help my child if she’s ever lost. And I’ll do the same for you. 


Mrs. S


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Safety Trivia Answer: Mistletoe

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