About Me


Hi, I’m Becca- but I usually go by Mrs. S.¬†That’s what all my students call me, so it’s my favorite nickname.

I have a lot of professional training with children- including a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development and lots of amazing career steps, such as:

  • being a preschool teacher,
  • a behavioral interventionist,
  • a habilitative interventionist (fancy for someone who helps kids who act out by visiting their homes and working with the entire family),
  • and a parent trainer.

But, all that doesn’t hold a candle to my experience as a mom.

I’ve learned that there is SO MUCH that formal training can’t prepare you for. Us poor moms get thrown right into the thick of the crazy- hence the name “When Fit Hits the Shan.”

My goal is to provide resources to help moms (like me) get through the tough times in parenting. I’ve got:

  • an entire library of freebies (Sign up now by following this link!!!),
  • new blog posts every week offering support and advice for daily mom struggles,
  • and an exclusive email informational¬†providing constant aid and support… not to mention exclusive offers!!

With all of us in this together, we can make it through all those times When Fit Hits the Shan!!


Mrs. S


P.S. Want to get to know me a little better? Here’s some quick fun facts about me!¬†

  • I love the outdoors- especially camping!
  • My favorite color is green, and has been since childhood.
  • I’m not very tech savvy, so blogging is a new and unique challenge for me!
  • I grew up in Arizona, so I love warm weather. I’ve lived in snowy climates ever since I’ve been married. It’s a bit of a struggle sometimes, but I’m learning to see the beauty in winter.
  • My favorite Disney movie growing up was The Jungle Book. I loved the jazzy music!
  • I play the piano and teach lessons occasionally. I usually ask my students to assign me a song to practice as well. Some of my favorites that I’ve learned are Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker and The Entertainer by Scott Joplin.


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