How to Help Your Kids Enjoy Hygiene Routines for a Jump Start to Lifelong Health

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Kids don’t like cleanliness. At least, not all of it.

One kid loves brushing teeth, but hates brushing her hair. Another kid refuses to wash his hands, but has no problem soaking in the shower for an hour at a time.

No two kids handle hygiene the same. The problem is- all kids have to do all of the steps to proper hygiene. There’s no skipping brushing teeth just because Jimmy doesn’t like it!

So how is a parent supposed to create a positive atmosphere around necessary activities… that the child detests???

Here are 6 “mom secrets” that help with any hygiene routine—- and stay tuned for specific ideas for hair brushing, tooth brushing, hand-washing, and bath time!  

1) Monkey See, Monkey Do

Usually parents get up and get ready before the kids do. That’s the only way to get them out the door, because they need you coaxing them along every step of the way as they get ready, right?

The problem with this is that young kids don’t see that you go through the exact same hygiene routine as the child is expected to go through. There’s no example, it’s not relatable. Mom is just magically clean all the time.

Look for opportunities to get ready alongside your child- especially on weekends when there is less of a time crunch- so that the child can see you doing all the same cleanliness tasks that they do.

2) Fake That Smile

long black haired woman smiling close-up photography

If you want your kid to be positive about the morning/evening routine, you’ve got to be positive about it too! Even if it’s not a real smile, this is a great time to “fake it til you make it.”

How could a child possibly get excited to go brush his teeth if he hears mom say things like, “Oh no, it’s time to brush teeth! I hate this time of night. It’s always so awful! Well, here we go…”

Compare that to, “Oh yay, it’s time to brush teeth! Woo hoo! Toothpaste tastes like candy. I love it.”  

3) Always, Always, Always

Never let up on the hygiene routine! First of all, it’s healthy to brush teeth, take baths, and wash hands.

Second of all, consistency creates structure for the child. If you break that structure, they are more likely to act out because the tasks seem optional. “Why should I have to wash my hands before dinner tonight when I didn’t have to yesterday?”

4) Your Turn!

clear glass flower vase near rolled grey mat

Take advantage of independent streaks or stages.

Yes, your toddler’s extreme independence can be a blessing! Some aversions to hygiene could be because mom usually helps with those things… a lot. If you have a strong willed child or a child who is going through an independent phase, that’s opposite of what that child is seeking.

Help them out by giving them lots of chances to try each part of the routine on their own. It might take a little longer, but it has a lot of potential to cut down on tantrums or frustration.

5) This or This?

Some kids might struggle with hygiene routines because they are mandatory. It’s not easy to be told that you HAVE to do something, no matter what. Nobody wants to be told what to do!

You can help out with this by offering as many little choices as you can within the tasks themselves.

IE- You must brush your teeth. That’s not a choice. But you can have a choice in what toothpaste you want to use today!


portrait photography of baby laughing

Anything you can do to make hygiene routines more exciting will increase cooperation. That’s why Disney makes so much money off of Princess shampoo and Superhero toothbrushes. They’re fun, and kids are more likely to try something that is  fun.

Batman Themed Hygiene Kit (Click the image below!)

Minnie Mouse Themed Hygiene Kit (Click the image below!)

Here’s more creative ideas to increase the fun aspect of hygiene:

  • Talk It Up: Tell kids all of the good things that will happen when they are clean! They look pretty or handsome, kids like to play with clean kids, their body is healthy, etc.

Here’s some great children’s books to teach kids about the importance of hygiene.

Click on the images below!
Don’t Get Sick! How Kids Can Keep Healthy and Safe – Good Hygiene for Kids – Children’s Disease Books

Smelly Melly: Personal Hygiene for Kids and Little Monsters

Hygiene Heroes! My Personal Hygiene Book :: Kids Hygiene Book. WE CAN TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES! WE CAN DO IT! HOW ‘BOUT YOU?

  • Visual Aids: Make cute, brightly-colored charts to show the child what’s coming up next! It will help them stay on track, and they’re fun to use!

Click the images below! 

Hygiene Habits Play Set

Step-By-Step Potty Chart

Step-By-Step Hand Washing Chart

Step-By-Step Shower Chart

Step-By-Step Tooth Brushing Chart

  • Apps/Games: There are TONS of apps and games to engage kids in hygiene routines. Here’s a few great ones to try out!

Dr. Panda Bath Time

Good Habits

Cute and Tiny Morning

Let’s Potty! Potty Training Board Game!

  • Earn Rewards: Create a rewards system. Maybe a child can earn a fun experience- like staying up one hour past bedtime, or choosing a special movie from Redbox, or feeding the ducks at the park.

Click on the images below!

Teeth Brushing Reward Coloring Book

Magnetic Reward Chart


There you have it- our tips for hygiene in general. It’s time to get more specific.


Making Hair Brushing Easier:

-Use detangler (Click image below)

-Use a Detangler Comb (Click on the image below)

-During bath time, put the conditioner in the child’s hair and use this as a chance to brush the child’s hair. Conditioner naturally detangles and softens hair, making it easier and less painful to brush.

-When brushing hair, start with the bottom inch of hair. Brush it out until there are no more tangles in the bottom inch. Then, move up another inch. When that section of hair has no tangles, move up another inch, and another inch, and another inch. This makes tangles less painful to brush through.

-Flip hair over your head and brush the underside of the hair first. This section of hair can be particularly tangled, so brushing it out first and then brushing the top layer of hair can decrease pain during brushing.

-For more amazing tips, check out The Secret to Brushing Your Little Girl’s Hair without Tears! 


Making Tooth brushing Easier:

-Choose the correct size of brush.

-Use child-safe toothpaste with fluoride(Click image below). It tastes better anyways.

-Sing a song like the ABC’s or Twinkle, Twinkle. The child has to brush as long as mom is singing. This is a good way to help the child learn to brush thoroughly instead of rushing through tooth brushing.

-Use this Baby Alive Teeth Brushing Doll (Click the image below!) to practice first. You can show the child how they will need to brush all of their teeth. Once the child has seen the baby doll do it, it is their turn!

-For more great tips, check out Make Teeth Brushing Fun with 6 Easy Tips!


Making Hand Washing Easier:

-Sing a song like the ABC’s or Happy Birthday. The child has to scrub his hands as long as mom is singing.

-Be silly- Use a crazy narrator voice to give a play-by-play of what the child is doing. “Tom is reaching for the soap, reaching, reaching…. He’s got the soap!! Now he’s scrubbing, But can he get those hands clean?? We’ll see- the anticipation is too much!”

-For more great ideas, check out Hand Washing 101! 

Making Bath Time Easier:

-Use child-friendly, tear-free, natural shampoo (Click the image below). It hurts a little less when it gets in their eyes.

-Try a face shield (click on image below) to keep soap and water out of eyes.

-Use this Little Mommy Bath Time Doll (Click on image below!) to practice first. You can show the child how they will need to put soap in their hair, then rinse out the soap. Once the child has seen the baby doll do it, it is their turn!

-Be silly- Use crazy voices to name all the parts of the body (hands, arms, elbows, armpits, tummy, legs, knees, feet….) as you wash them.

-For more tips, check out How to Make Bathtime Fun for Kids


I hope these tips make life a little easier for you mama!

Always remember that your efforts are worth it! If your little one can enjoy hygiene now, he’ll enjoy a long life of health.


Mrs. S

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11 Steps to Delivering a Baby Alone- Be Prepared For Those Crazy Times When Sh*# Like That Happens

Photo by Zach Lucero on Unsplash

This post may contain advertisements and/or links for products and services that I value. I offer recommendations to products that I find helpful in my own life as a mom. I may receive a commission based on viewer purchases or interactions with these ads. 

Hey Moms,

Do you have crazy pregnancy nightmares?

Comment Below- What is your craziest pregnancy dream or nightmare??

I get those… and a reoccurring one for me is that I’m going into labor in random places.

I’ve dreamed that I went into labor in a grocery store, in an amusement park, traveling to visit family in another state… But by far the worst reoccurring labor dream is when I go into labor in the car in the middle of nowhere.

There’s no hospitals, no doctors or nurses…

Just me and my husband, who is always freaking out even worse than I am.

I usually end up yelling my best guesses of what to do at him as he ignores me and races down the road looking for a hospital. I’m much more profane in my dreams than I am in real life.

I usually have the babies (it’s always twins!!) in the passenger seat, and he finally pulls up at a hospital right after they are both born.

And then he sells our car because he can’t stand looking at it anymore.

Those nightmares are terrifying enough to motivate me to do some research. If something crazy were to happen, I wanted to know what to do! That goes for if I was the one in labor or if another poor mom needed help delivering a baby.

Dads- you should all read this! You can’t just drive and hope you find a hospital!

Moms- you too! For your sake and the sake of other women who might need you in some freak emergency situation, or a zombie raid, or whatever weird reason you might be stuck playing doctor for real.

It never hurts to be prepared, and a little prior knowledge might be just what you need to stay calm.

Let’s dive in!


1. Keep Your Head On

If you ever need to deliver a child, I’m sure it will be terrifying and crazy and freaky! Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Women all over the world have labor at home– without meds, without intervention.
  • Women’s bodies are tailor made for labor and delivery.
  • Most births aren’t complicated.
  • Nature knows its stuff! 

Remember that fact and stay calm! After all, if you’re freaking out, that poor mom is going to be losing it.

and breathe neon sign on tre

A woman once described her labor to me. This isn’t one of the crazy stories where someone delivers a baby in the jungle. She was in a hospital, safe with nurses, but she was having a natural birth.

She told me, “I’ve always been a screamer during labor.”

The nurse was repeatedly coming in and trying to calm her or make her more comfortable or offering her ways to help with the pain. But she wanted a natural labor, the screaming was more of a coping mechanism for her.

Finally, the nurse came in and said, “I’m so sorry, I really need you to stop screaming. There’s a 13-year-old down the hall in labor and you’re scaring her.”

So yeah, keep it relaxing for the poor mother’s sake.

2. Make Sure Help Is On It’s Way

Labor can go fast, and with all the fear and emotions floating around, things might slip your mind.

Above all else, make sure help is coming!

police car at street

Dial 911, call a hospital, call the midwife (love that show!), light signal fires, or whatever- but make sure someone is coming.

(Side note- if you’re pregnant and close to delivery, keep yourself safely near cell phone service. Save long hikes into the backwoods for you until after baby comes. Who would want to do that with swollen feet anyways?? 😊)

This step is the part that might save you from having to deliver a baby at all. Cross your fingers for that! But just in case, let’s continue so that you know what to do in all cases.

3. Make Sure Help Can Find You

You might not think about small things that will slow down the help that’s coming.

Are your doors locked?? Then they can’t get in! Unlock everything!

Are you still driving?? Then they don’t know where to go to find you! Anyways, I can’t imagine delivering a baby without meds while strapped in a seat belt. If it were me, that seat-belt would have to come off, and that means it’s not safe to be flying down the road anyways.

Are you on a main road or trail? What landmarks are around? How can you make yourself more visible?

It’s natural to try to hide away, after all, labor isn’t pretty and it’s a private event. But make sure that you can be found so that you can get help.

4. Sanitize

Find the cleanest space possible. Best case scenario, you have a bed with clean sheets and blankets. For easier cleanup, put a shower curtain down on the bed. You might want to put towels over the curtain to make it more comfortable and absorbent.

The floor is a good choice because the baby won’t fall or get dropped accidentally. Babies are slimy and slippery after all.

Or maybe the cleanest area around is in the car or maybe it’s a patch of grass… Or just a zombie free warehouse, I don’t know.

Wherever you are, wash your hands or use sanitizer if you have it.

person washing hands over sink

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What is a “Good Parent”?

25 Best Mom Hacks that Save Time, Energy, and Money

Over 35 Guilty Pleasures for Moms that I’m NOT ABOUT to Stop!


5. Listen to the Mother

From here, follow mom’s direction.

What position is comfortable for her? Lying down, sitting, squatting, standing, walking, whatever.

Do that.

She might want you to push her knees towards her chest (this can relieve pain) or help her breathe or say calming words of encouragement or just shut up.

Whatever she needs, do it.

And by all means, don’t cry about the mess in your car, in your house, wherever. You’re going to need new stuff. Accept that fact and help the poor woman.

man wiping his tears

Pray that the medics get there before you have to actually deliver. It’s normal for labor to go on for several hours, so hopefully you made it to the hospital before then or someone can come help you before then.

But labor can also be very fast in some cases… Again, just in case, let’s chat about what to do if you don’t.

6. Support Baby’s Head

You’ll see the baby’s head first.

Things often move slow in labor- so don’t try to rush it. Don’t pull or force anything. Just be patient.

Keep the head and neck supported by putting your hand under the baby’s head. It’s normal for the baby to turn as he is born.

7. Breathing

Even before the baby fully emerges, you can help make sure he is breathing.

Use a clean towel to wipe the baby’s face clean. Just wipe the towel downwards across the baby’s mouth and nose to open the airways.

Don’t mess with the umbilical cord. You won’t be cutting it or messing with it at all unless it’s tangled around the baby’s neck. Don’t freak out, just hold the baby with its head closer to mom to avoid pulling on the cord. Then untangle it from the baby as the baby is born.

8. Catch!

Watch out- once the shoulders come out, the whole baby’s comin. No more slow and steady wins the race- It’s fast and easy to drop the baby.

This is no time for selfies or a quick snack or a 5-minute break.

Just focus and be ready to catch. Expect slippery. It’s best to catch the baby in something- like a towel, a shirt, a coat, or whatever you have around- so that you don’t drop her.

Softly dab the baby to dry them, make sure they are breathing (if they are making any sound, they are breathing so no need to hit their butt. That’s a thing anymore.), and lay baby skin-to-skin on mom to warm up.

woman holding baby

Don’t be worried if there is blood. Blood and fluid is part of this process.

9. Afterbirth

Yes, there’s more.

I know, where does it end??

Soon… ish…

We can really really hope that help has arrived by now. In most cases it would have.

But AGAIN… Just in case… Let’s chat about the placenta.

This is the organ that a woman’s body creates when she’s pregnant to keep the baby alive. It’s not needed after the baby is born, so it comes out after delivery.

This usually happens about 10-15 minutes after baby comes. It’s important to let the afterbirth come at its own time. Don’t pull on it because it can tear and it’s important for the whole thing to be delivered. Any pieces that break off could cause problems for mom later.

Wrap the placenta up in a towel or something. The doctor might want to check to make sure that there are no broken off pieces on the placenta, just to be safe, so keep it around.

10. Keep Mom and Baby Warm and Comfortable

You can sit back and relax now!

baby covered with white blanket

If you’re in a safe place, just wait for help to come and they can handle it from here.

Pat yourself on the back and make a plan for a big reward/treat for yourself. You earned it.

11. Turn Things Over to the Professionals

Finally, they’re here! Just listen and do whatever they ask you to do. They know what they’re talking about.


Now you’re ready moms, and dads.

Knowing all this has stopped the nightmares and helped me sleep easy. If there were some crazy situation, I could handle it, and so could you!

The biggest thing is to trust nature. Trust a woman’s body to know what it’s doing. Don’t assume you know more and try to intervene more than you should.

Just support what’s naturally happening.

And get ready to tell all your friends, cause this is going to be the story of the century!

Have you ever had to deliver a baby on your own… Or known someone who did? Tell us about it in the comments below! And please share any additional advice!


For more resources on how to deliver a baby, check out 

If you’re worried about complications during delivery, check this doctor approved resource. 


Mrs. S

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Mrs. S

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25 Best Mom Hacks that Save Time, Energy, and Money

Photo by Julie Johnson on Unsplash

This post may contain advertisements and/or links for products and services that I value. I offer recommendations to products that I find helpful in my own life as a mom. I may receive a commission based on viewer purchases or interactions with these ads. 

Moms- You are hard workers!

I know how much time, effort, patience, energy, money, and ingenuity are required to be a mom. It’s exhausting!

That’s why I keep my eyes open for any small tricks of the trade the simplify my life.

Here’s some of my favorite hacks for mamas like me!

Comment Below- What “Mom Hacks” save you time, energy, or money??


1. OFF Spray for Monsters Under the Bed

You know how you can buy “Off” to keep mosquitoes away? Well, some clever parent decided to make their own “Monster Spray” to help a child calm down in the night.

So smart huh??

All you need is a spray bottle, some essential oils for scent, and water.

Explain to the child that the monsters don’t like the smell of the spray, just like mosquitoes don’t like Off. Then spray a little of the “Monster Spray” under the child’s bed to keep monsters away all night long.


2. Save the Socks

Do you lose your socks in the laundry all the time? Seriously, where do they go? I have to know… my brain is going to explode because I can’t figure it out.

Until I get that one sorted out, I have started to put all my socks into one mesh garment bag in the washer. It zips closed to keep all my socks together while they are cleaned.

Then when the laundry is all done, every sock has a match (can you imagine that???) and I don’t have to sort through the clothes to find all the socks. It’s amazing!

person holding front-load clothes washer botton

3. Label Clothing with Initials

I used to think that labeling clothing was only for “lost and found” purposes. If my daughter left her jacket at school, we could easily identify it from the massive pile of jackets that her classmates have lost throughout the year.

But I recently learned another great use.

Labeling laundry (all laundry) by putting each child’s initials on the tag or inside makes folding laundry SOOO much easier!

I can turn on my favorite show, sit on the couch, and fold away without any concentration on the task. I feel like I’m having some veg-time but really I’m getting work done. t’s so wonderful!

4. Grocery Pick Up from Walmart

If you haven’t tried this, you’ve got to check it out!

I love the grocery pick up from Walmart. Obviously, it’s super easy! All I have to do is order some items online, pay online, and drive up to the pick up window.

But there are other perks too! I don’t have to buckle and unbuckle the kids, the kids don’t get upset when they see things in the store that they can’t have, I don’t spend unnecessary money picking up items that weren’t on my list, and my favorite of all…. drum roll… Walmart occasionally upgrades my purchases if they were out of the item that I originally wanted! Cool huh?

5. Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Buttons are fantastic! All you need is Wifi and you’re ready to go.

Your Amazon Dash Button will help you order those daily necessities as soon as you notice that you need more.

You know how you’re always thinking to yourself, “Oh, toilet paper, don’t forget to buy toilet paper the next time I go to Walmart….” and then you forget?

No more of that!

Just order it instantly and easily using your Amazon Dash Button!

Even better- there are Amazon Dash Buttons available in all your favorite brands!

Click the images below to purchase your Amazon Dash Buttons today!

-Starbucks Double Shot

-Campbell’s Chunky Soup

-Gerber Formula

-Dixie Paper Products


-Doritos Chips


-All Laundry Detergent

-Hefty Bags

-Ziploc Bags

-Clorox Wipes






-Iams Pet Food

-Red Bull

6. Packed Lunches in 5 Seconds

Need a quick and easy way to assemble school lunches? Try this!

Dedicate a section of your fridge just for packed school lunches. On Sunday night, make 5 sandwiches per child, 5 Ziploc bags of veggies per child, 5 juice boxes per child, 5 other sides per child (fruit, chips, fruit snacks, dessert, etc.). Now, you have enough fixin’s to throw together a full lunch for every child every school day for an entire week! Grab n’ go! 

Or even better- let the kids grab whatever they want to eat that day! Done!

7. Double Layered Waterproof Mattress Pad and Sheet

This might be my favorite mom trick of all time. When you make up a baby or a toddler’s bed, layer one mattress pad, then one sheet, then another mattress pad, and another sheet.

The magic here is that if your child has a blowout diaper, if they wet the bed, or if they get sick in the middle of the night, you can easily pull off the top layer of mattress pad and sheet. Throw those in the wash. Meanwhile, the child’s bed is ready to go so you can get them settled back in for the night without any hassle!

photo of baby laying on bed

8. Disinfecting Toys

Toys get messy fast. They need to be cleaned… but how??

Try putting toys into a mesh garment bag to keep them contained then put them through the washing machine! Air dry, and you’re done! No extra scrubbing required!

9. Decrease the Fast Food Mess While Traveling

Occasionally while traveling, fast food can be a necessary evil.

But it’s such a mess in the car! How’s a 5 year old supposed to hold a hamburger, apple slices, fries, and a drink?

The solution- ask the restaurant for one disposable beverage tray per child. Then assemble each child’s food in the beverage tray! There’s enough slots to hold it all for them.

burgers and fries inside box

10. Duct Tape Diapers

Did your toddler go through a phase of taking off her own diapers? Mine did. It’s no fun.

Sometimes the diapers were clean, which was annoying because then I was guaranteed to have pee on the floor soon. Sometimes the diapers were dirty, which was just disgusting.

Needless to say, it had to stop. Duct tape fixed that right up! I basically duct taped a belt around my child’s diaper so that she couldn’t remove it herself. Easy peasy!

11. Personalized Bins

My home gets cluttered so fast. Not dirty, jut cluttered- full of random things that my kids throw everywhere instead of putting them away.

The usual offenders include shoes, backpacks, pencils, folders, lunchboxes, coats… all the “home from school” stuff.

I love the idea of having a bin for each child to put all of their school stuff in. Nothing gets lost, it’s all ready for them to leave the next day, and it’s all out of your living space. Perfect!

12. Veggie Squeezes

Baby food pouches or applesauce pouches are wonderfully healthy and kids love them!

They are quick, easy, transportable, not messy, and tasty! Perfect!

And they provide even more of those healthy fruits and veggies that you’re always trying to convince your kids to try.

bowl of vegetable salads

13. Mark Left and Right on Shoes

I love when toddlers get to the independent stage. You know, the stage when they want to do everything themselves.

That stage is so fun because your little one is learning tons of amazing life skills, and you get a little break from some of the things you usually have to do for the child.

Shoes pose a unique challenge because it’s difficult for kids to tell which shoe goes on which foot. But my kids usually forget to double check with me until after the shoes are on their feet and tied tight. That means I have to make time for the child to put the shoes on, wait for them to ask, switch the shoes, and then we’re finally ready to leave the house.

No thank you. Instead, I marked all of the shoes with “L” and “R” inside the shoe so that she could tell which foot that shoe belongs on! Done!

14. Wifi Vs Chores

It can be tough to motivate kids to help with chores. They know they are supposed to do their chores, but they complain, and argue, and fight you the whole way.

It’s not easy as the parent to stick to your guns when it comes to chores. It’s sometimes just easier to do the chores yourself.

If your child needs a little extra push to help out around the house, try changing the wifi password every morning. He can have the new password after he finishes up his chores! This stops the arguing, gives him new motivation, and allows you to spend your time doing better things other than nagging your kids to do their chores!

If you don’t need the wifi, you could also just unplug your router and keep it hidden until chores are done.

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Helping Your Toddler Understand Time- Less than $20 DIY Resource for Parents

Creative Ways to Save Money For Parents and Families


15. Puppy Potty Pads

You know how you use those pads to house train a puppy? Why not use those pads to house train a child??

Yep, that’s right. Puppy pads can save your couches, beds, and other furniture while you potty train your kids.

16. String of Cheerios

Cheerios are a favorite snack in my house, especially to my babies and toddlers. But they are so messy! I’m always vacuuming up Cheerios that are crushed in my carpet.

Instead of handing toddler a bowl of Cheerios or hand feeding Cheerios to my baby, I’ve started stringing Cheerios on a piece of dental floss. My little ones (especially teething babies) can chew the snack as they want without me having to keep a close eye on them.

Side note- I do not put the string of Cheerios around the child’s neck for safety reasons.

17. Pencil Case of Kids’ Stuff in Your Purse

Do you keep all sorts of items in your purse for your kids?

My purse has snacks, crayons, small notepads, bows for their hair, baby socks, a pacifier… Tons of random items that are just for the kids.

And what’s worse- because there is so much stuff floating around in there, I can never find what I need when I need it. I’d have to empty the entire purse to get to it! It’s also difficult to switch purses if I want to because I’d have to move over all the kids’ stuff as well as my own stuff.

Here’s how to solve the problem. Fill a pencil box with all the kid stuff. Now, it’s all in one place, your purse is less cluttered, and it’s easy to locate items you need.

woman holding brown and pink floral leather crossbody bag

18. Rolled Up Towel Under Baby’s Head in the Bathtub

Babies are difficult to bathe.

Here’s my favorite method to make sure my baby’s head and face stay above the water line.

Fold one hand towel and place it under my baby’s head to raise her up above the water. Then, roll a second hand towel and place it under her neck. This helps her stay balanced and comfortable in the bathtub. The rolled towel also keeps her from rolling from side to side so that I can wash her without worry.

19. Grounded Until….

Do you ever use the “grounded” method to punish your kids for misbehaving?

It does work for a lot of kids, but the tough part is that grounding kids can be a punishment for mom as well as for the kid.

So here’s a great mom hack that can save you!

Instead of grounding your child for a certain amount of time (one week, three days, etc.) try grounding your child until he earns a certain amount of “points.” You determine what positive behaviors earn points and how many points that behavior is worth.

Or, try grounding your child until they complete a to do list. You can include things like making restitution to whoever they hurt when they acted out, helping around the house, completing school work, read a book, or doing acts of service for others.

silhouette of child sitting behind tree during sunset

20. Freezer Meals

Freezer meals are the best! You spend one day cooking in bulk, then you don’t have to cook for a week or two, depending on how much freezer space you have!

Or just make one big recipe and freeze half of it. You had to cook dinner tonight anyways, so why not make a bigger batch so that you can have some for later?? This will save you from throwing away leftovers and you’ve got dinner ready for a difficult day!

You can save a ton of money and waste less!

Try freezing enchiladas, pasta bakes, lasagna, homemade pizza, or try customized freezer meals. 

21. Contact Information Close By

Find clever ways to keep your phone number on your child at all times. Just in case your child gets lost, kind strangers will be able to help him get back to you again if they can contact you.

Here are some good ideas: make a bracelet with your phone number for your child, write your number on your child’s backpack/shoes/coat, use a backpack tag with your phone number, put your number on a key chain, etc.

person's hand over brown floral field during daytime

22. Keep a “Sick Container” with All Your Flu Season Needs

Kids get sick at the most inopportune moments. Often in the middle of the night.

I used to get caught in the middle of the night digging around in my cupboards for medicine, a bowl for the little one to throw up in, cleaning supplies to clean puke, a thermometer, Gatorade, or chicken noodle soup to help a sick little child.

Now, I keep all those things in a “sick container”. Really, it’s just a 5 gallon bucket, but it has everything I need at a moment’s notice. I can get my little one all fixed up and back to bed without even having to turn my brain on. Back to sleep for everyone!

baby sleeping on black surface

24. Walmart Bag for Trash in the Van

Does your vehicle fill up with all kinds of trash like mine does? I don’t even know where it all comes from.

Fast food while traveling is the worst, but even during our everyday drives to school and the grocery store trash just seems to fill up.

Plastic Walmart bags are easy to loop around arm rests. Now, you’ve got a built in “trash bag”. As soon as the bag is full, simply remove it, tie it up, and throw it out. Replace the bag with a new Walmart bag.

And you can feel good about reusing those plastic bags instead of throwing them out.

24. Keep Outfits Together in a Ziploc Bag

When I travel, I end up with piles of children’s clothes thrown all over the place as I search through our things to find the cute outfits I’d planned.

Instead of ruffling through everything, put all the items you need for one cute outfit together in a gallon Ziploc bag. That means shirt, pants, underwear, jewelry, bows, socks, the whole nine yards! All in one convenient place!

All you have to do is pick one bag full of items and you’re all set to dress your child.

women's assorted clothes

25. New and Improved Ice Pack for “Owies”

My kids always seem to need ice packs. We’re always getting bumps and bruises. But ice packs fix them up right away and they’re off to play again!

The problem is that ice packs break, leak, and cause messes. And they’re hard and uncomfortable.

Rather than using traditional ice packs, I’ve switched to frozen marshmallows. They’re soft, clean, and they still fix the “ouchies.” My kids also love to eat one marshmallow after. Then I refreeze the rest and we’re all ready for next time!


Comment Below- What “Mom Hacks” save you time, energy, or money??

I hope this hacks save you some time.

And I hope you recycle that newfound time into yourself, your kids, your significant other, or whoever needs you most right now! 


Mrs. S

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10 Best Hair Styles for Mom on a Busy School Morning

Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash

This post may contain advertisements and/or links for products and services that I value. I offer recommendations to products that I find helpful in my own life as a mom. I may receive a commission based on viewer purchases or interactions with these ads. 

Hey Mamas,

Are you perpetually running late? I was a very punctual person before I had kids.

Remember those days? I knew exactly what was on my schedule for the day, I had an organized to do list, and everything that needed to get done did get done.

There were just more hours in the day before my cute family got bigger. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

I strongly encourage moms to dress up and look nice on a regular basis. It’s so great for our emotional well being, our self-confidence, and our sense of purpose! I love to feel like I look good, even if it’s just a day at home.

But… If I can’t even get my kids to school on time in the morning how am I supposed to take the time to do my hair and makeup?

Here’s some gorgeous mamas who know what to do!

Comment below- What is your favorite quick hairdo? How do you do it??

1) A Messy Bun

This is my favorite how-to for a beautiful messy bun. So quick, so easy, and so classy!

Not only does it save you time because it’s easy to do, but it saves you time because your hair doesn’t have to be clean! Perfect for those crazy mornings when you don’t have time to shower.
Here’s the simple steps to a perfect messy bun.
-Flip your hair over your head.
-Gather hair into a high pony tail.
-Twist the pony tail.
-Wrap the twisted hair around the pony tail into a thick bun.
-If desired, pull hair in different directions to make the bun messier.
That’s it!! Done and done! Grab your kid’s backpack and be on your way!

2) The Knot

Image result for low knot bun
This style looks so cute and fresh, but it only takes 5 minutes to complete!

Here’s how to do it:
-Separate hair into two strands in the back of the head.
-Tie the two strands together twice into a double knot.
-Secure the bottom of the knot with a pony tail.
-Tuck the pony tail under and around the knot.
-Secure with bobby pins.

You’re gorgeous!

3) Knotted Pony Tail


Look at this amazing twist on a boring pony tail!! This is so clever and unique, and it can be done in the same amount of time it takes your six-year-old to eat a bowl of cereal on the way to school.
That’s right, you could be done with your hair by the time your kid is done eating in the morning.
Here’s how:
-Separate your hair into two strands off to the side of your head.
-Tie the two strands into a knot twice to create a double knot.
-Secure with a ponytail.
-Spread out the hair in the lower sections of the knot to cover the pony tail.
You’re done! Hurry off to work!

4) Hair Tied into a Bow

hair bow hairstyle
Want something creative? Something new? Something unique?

Try the literal hair bow. As in, your hair is the bow. So cool!

Check it out!

-Separate one thin strand of hair on the right side of your head and one thin strand of hair on the left side of your head.
-Pull both strands of hair to the back of your head.
-Tie the strands of hair together into a bow- just like you were tying your shoe.
-Secure the bow with bobby pins.

So easy! And so adorable! You’ll be the coolest mom at the PTO meeting!

5) Face-Framing Twist

This is a beautiful look, but it takes no effort at all! You can be done in time to grab a cup of coffee before you have to run out the door!

Here’s the trick!

-Choose what size of a section you want to twist. Pin the rest of your hair back so it is out of the way.
-Out of the chosen section, begin at the top of the head. Section out two small strands.
-Twist the front strand over the back strand of hair.
-Section out another small strand of hair.
-Twist the next section into the existing twist.
-Slowly section out additional small strands and add them to the twist one at a time, until you have twisted the whole section.
-Secure with a bobby pin.

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6) Bangs for a Day

Do you ever wish you had bangs, but are you too scared to take the plunge?

Try bangs for a day, enjoy the fresh new look, but you don’t have to stick with it if you don’t want to.

And you’re done with plenty of time to drive your kiddos to school.

That’s the best deal I’ve heard all year!

Here’s how to do it:

-Put your hair into a high pony tail (We used to call these cheerleader ponies.)
-Use a small section of hair from the pony tail. Bring it forward. Fan the hair so that it falls across your eyes and forehead to make fake bangs. Use bobby pins to secure your fake bangs in place- adjusting for the appropriate length of bangs.
-Twist and wind the remaining hair in the ponytail into a thick bun. This will hide the origins of your fake bangs, keeping everyone wondering where your gorgeous new look came from!

Viola! A beautiful new look! Love it or leave it- no harm done! And you’re on time to your first appointment of the day.

7) Two-Minute Tuck

This two minute tuck tutorial is SO easy. It totally transforms my bad hair day to a flawless hairstyle! I love to do the two minute tuck on really busy days!
This is genius! It’s so fancy, and yet you can be done in TWO MINUTES! It’s even in the name!

Can’t argue with that.

And this is another great hairdo if you don’t have the time to shower in the morning. No problem!

This sweet style is so simple. Try it today!

-Part your hair in the middle or off to the side. Use a cute elastic headband- placed with the front of the headband on your forehead.
-Take thick sections of hair around the back of your neck, leaving out just a little hair to frame your face.
-Tuck the strands of hair into the headband. Loop the hiar up and under the headband.

You’re done! Time to get on with your busy day… and with a look like that, it’s sure to be a great day!

8) Criss-Cross Twist

This hairdo looks like it took all day but it’s actually only a few seconds! I could get this done before my child finds her shoes!

And it looks so classy! Absolutely beautiful.

This hairdo works best with short to medium length hair.

Here are the steps:

-Separate hair into two strands.
-Twist the first strand and pin it to the opposite side.
-Twist the second strand. Loop it over the first strand and pin to the opposite side.

Beautiful, quick, easy. It’s perfect for a school day morning rush.

9) Braided Bun

Another gorgeous bun, just as simple to create and soooo cute.

This looks so professional, but it doesn’t take all morning to look like this.

Here’s how!

-Pull your hair into a low pony tail in the back of your head.
-Braid the pony tail.
-Wrap the braided pony tail around itself.
-Secure with bobby pins.

You’re ready to go! Lookin’ hot!

10) Half Up Twist
Hair Romance - Easy half up twist tutorial 2
I love this look. Gorgeous and classy, but not time consuming.

Your hair is out of your eyes and face. You look stunning, but not too fancy to run errands.

You’ll be looking perfect before your kids even start arguing this morning! That’s right, and for my kids that’s about the first 10 minutes of being awake.

And again, no clean hair necessary so this is a great solution if you just need a few extra minutes to push snooze.

-Separate one small strand of hair on the right side of your head and one small strand of hair on the left side of your head.
-Twist each strand individually.
-Pull back the twisted strands of hair.
-Secure with an elastic band.

There you go moms!

Simple, quick, and easy.

You can get your hair up while your kids are eating breakfast, while they’re searching for their lost backpack, or finishing that last homework assignment.

You’ll look so wonderful with any of these tricks without any hassle.



Mrs. S

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