Guilty Pleasures for Moms that I'm NOT ABOUT to Stop!

Over 35 Guilty Pleasures for Moms that I’m NOT ABOUT to Stop!

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I love my kids. I really really really do.

But it can get old to be interrupted from the luxury of me-time after only 5 minutes– Every. Single. Time.

The other afternoon, I tried to catch some leisure by turning on a show, curling onto the couch under my fuzziest blanket, and playing sudoku on my phone. The remote in one hand and a bag of M&M’s in the other, I was in heaven. For about 8 minutes until my daughter woke up unexpectedly early from her nap.

Of course.

I think kids come equipped with a radar for when mom is relaxing.

It’s like a horror movie when it’s unreal quiet around, and you know something bad is about to happen. And yet, you jump every time when the bad guy pops out.

For some reason, I don’t learn. I still jump every time my sweet cuties pull me out of my daydream world of relaxation and slap be back into cold, hard reality.

But I’ll keep trying to get a little more down time! Although I love my children and the time I have with them, I understand that I deserve these few moments of peace and serenity doing the things that I love, the things that speak to my soul, the things that keep me going.

Please comment below- What are your mommy-specific guilty pleasures?? How do you keep your mom life and your personal life balanced?

I’m no quitter- and I’m not about to start now. Here’s all my guilty pleasures as a mom that I plan to continue- indefinitely:

woman in white top taking a photo

1. After Bedtime Happy Dance

I hope my kids never see this because I might hurt a few feelings. I’m just really excited for my quiet, blissful evening to begin.

2. Sleep

Sleeping in, naps, early bedtimes… Any and all sleep I can get. Even just one night without waking up at least once would be fantastic. I’ll always treasure any and all sleep that I can get.

3. Leaving Dad with the Kids Even Though I Have Nowhere to Be

Poor guy. There are days when he gets home from work and I’m so ready to pass that baton. “I’m off to anywhere!”

man covering his face with coat

4. Sneaking the Best Treats From the Kitchen so that I Don’t Have to Share Them

As a kid, I knew to watch my dad. If I ever caught him casually walk out the garage door holding a spoon, I knew he was sneaking ice cream from the freezer in the garage.

All I had to do was follow quietly.

If he was caught, he would rather share ice cream with you. Better that than have all of his kids alerted that the ice cream was being eaten and descend like vultures.

5. Shutting Myself in My Room for NO Reason

Just to breathe and recoup. I love my room.

turned on gray alarm clock displaying 10:11

6. Not Adjusting Bedtime At Daylight Savings

There’s this one magical thing that happens at daylight savings time in the Spring. Your child is used to going to bed at 8pm… But when the time changes, he’s tired at 7 instead of 8. So bedtime is now at 7.

Take that, universe, I win!

Note- this only works once per year. In the Fall, the child isn’t tired for an hour after bedtime, so the universe will take its revenge.

7. Go the Whole Day Without Putting My Bra On

Ahhhhhhh. Freedom.

8. Fast Food Runs 15 Minutes Before Dinner Time

Someday I’ll plan out my meals… But not today.

9. Hidden Candy and Chocolate Just For Me

Lindor truffles are for moms only.

person holding remote pointing at TV

10. Binge-Watching My Favorite Shows on Netflix

This only works at night time. See you in 4 hours!

11. Game Nights with the Girls

Girls’ nights are the best! They get you, they know what you need, and they’re all the in same boat.

It’ll be Ticket to Ride and Scrabble for the next 4 hours!

12. Caffeine

Dr. Pepper is my favorite guilty pleasure.

coned ice cream with blueberries and flowers

13. Eating Way More Ice Cream Than I Want to Admit To

Like, way more.

14. Eating Ice Cream Straight Out of the Container When I Finally Give Up On Manageable Portions

It’s just not worth it to dish up that many servings. Better to just take the whole container with me to the couch so that I don’t have to get up again.

15. Adding Chocolate and Caramel Syrup to My Already Insane Amounts of Ice Cream

I’ve already accepted that 5 pounds I’ll gain by tomorrow.

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16. Googling New Skills That I Know I’ll Never Really Learn

When I grow up, I’ll be an artist, and a gardener, and a writer, and a cosmetologist, and a chef, and a…..

17. Making the Kids A Lame (But Easy to Prepare) Dinner… Then Waiting To Eat Until They are Done Eating So that I Can Eat Something Better

I really don’t want to eat Macaroni and Cheese. But they will… Unless they see a better option.

All it takes is a little patience, and I’ll be eating well tonight without the effort to make a full meal for the family.

white ceramic bathtub

18. Putting My Bath Bomb Collection to Good Use

See you in an hour!

19. Getting Distracted On Social Media For Long Periods of Time

Woops. On the plus side, I actually know what’s going on in the world around me!

20. That Gut Wrenching Moment When I Snap Back Into Reality and Realize How Much Time has Passed

Ooops. What trouble have my kids been getting into while I’ve been distracted??

21. Saying “They’ll Be Fine” When I Am Too Tired to Stop the Kids from Whatever They Shouldn’t Be Doing

Sometimes it’s just not worth it.

white wooden kitchen cabinet

22. Letting the House Stay Dirty

It’s not that bad!

23. Having Second Helpings of Dinner… Or Dessert

Just a little more please…

24. Staying in My PJ’s All Day

A happy life is finding the perfect balance between looking amazing on some days (so that you have good self-confidence) and never getting dressed on some days (so that you don’t go crazy trying to be perfect).

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25. Putting the Kids to Bed 20 Minutes Early On Occasion

There are times that I’m just done. And my kids are still too young to understand time…. They always say that time will go fast.

And it will. Someday, school will ruin this luxury by teaching my kids valuable life lessons of how to read a clock and manage time.

But for now, they don’t get it and that gives me the advantage.

So… In bed they go- 20 minutes early.

question mark neon signage

26. Making Up Answers When I Don’t Know Them

Kids think we know more than we do. It’s flattering in a way. I like to think I know a lot. But every once and a while, I’m grossly humbled when they stump me.

Good thing I have an imagination that fills in the blanks. And I still look smart.

27. Wear Leggings to the Store Because They’re the Closest Socially Acceptable Wardrobe to Pajamas

I just want to FEEL like I’m in my pajamas even if I can’t be. Is that too much to ask??

28. Paint My Nails Crazy Colors

Fun, fun, fun!

Who cares if it only matches my outfit for one day and then I’m stuck with them for a week??

woman talking on the phone

29. Call and Chat with My Mom for an Hour

I miss that lady. Is there anything I have to do in the next 60 minutes?? Break time!

30. Swear Like a Sailor

Let’s let all that built up frustration go in one long stream of curses.

31. Complain about My Kids to Other Moms When their Behavior is Tough to Handle

Again, let’s let the built up frustration go. Take II. Actually, this and swearing like a sailor often go hand in hand.

32. Pin Funny Mom Jokes

Even when they’re a little dicey… Actually, the dicey-er the funnier.

person slicing green vegetable in front of round ceramic plates with assorted sliced vegetables during daytime

33. Google Healthy Meals that I’ll Never Cook

Come on.

Why do I kid myself?

34. Spend Money on Myself

Amazon has a genius business plan targeted to me personally.

I’m the reason they’re rich… and the reason I’m not!!

35. Take the Batteries Out of that Toy that’s Been Driving Me Crazy… Even Though My Kid LOVES It

“What? It’s not working? That’s weird, it worked a second ago… Oh well.”

36. Never Shave My Legs… Until I Have To

My husband likes to fondly compare me to a cactus. It’s ok, I know who I am.

silhouette of two person sitting on chair near tree

37. Soak Up Adult Conversations When I Can Get Them

Like a sponge.

There’s only so much Dora the Explorer and Itsy Bitsy Spider that I can take. I want to think and philosophize and challenge myself here and there.

Or just hear about everyone’s opinions of The Bachelor. That’s good too.

Please comment below- What are your mommy-specific guilty pleasures?? How do you keep your mom life and your personal life balanced?

So moms, now you know all my guilty little secrets… that I fully intend to continue.

I hope you treat yo self to some little perks in life too.

It’s worth it, and you’re worth it.


Mrs. S

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7 thoughts on “Over 35 Guilty Pleasures for Moms that I’m NOT ABOUT to Stop!

  1. I so so love this! As a Nanny it’s so vital I have me time and encouraged parents who I work with to have their own me time too! Personally I love to dramatically whip off my bra ans drive into a bath with a cheek wine- that’s my absolute guilty pleasure!

    Thanks for writing awesome lady and I hope your well 🙂

    Love, Nanny M xx

    • I agree completely!!

      I am so glad you keep a good healthy balance for yourself!! It’s something I’m always working on and trying to maintain!

      Thanks for your comment, and thanks for your great posts!

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