Best Christmas Crafts on Pinterest

Best Christmas Crafts on Pinterest

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Crafts are amazing! They allow us personal expression, they let us focus on making something more beautiful than it used to be, and it lets us think critically.

Great skills to practice- and it’s so so so fun!

Let’s divide this year’s BEST Pinterest crafts into two sections: adult crafts (for those of you amazing DIY junkies) and kid crafts (for those who just want to have a little fun with their little ones)!!

That awkward moment when you fall in love with something you're crafting for someone else and you try to rationalize keeping it for yourself . . .

Comment Below-

What is YOUR favorite Christmas craft on Pinterest? Or your favorite Christmas craft that SHOULD be on Pinterest?

I hope you enjoy getting into the spirit of Christmas this year- using crafts! I love using crafts as a way to decorate my house for the season, get my kids excited for the holidays, and create special memories and mementos that I can keep for years!

person hand with green and blue paint

Kid Crafts:

Do your daughters and sons love to create?

Building and designing teaches children to value their own abilities, shows them that they can accomplish hard things, and helps them be bold to share themselves with the world.

It is very, very healthy for kids to craft.

Foster that love and appreciation by giving them tons of opportunities to participate in fun creations with you!

Check out these awesome foot/hand/finger print crafts!

My favorite kind of kid crafts are the ones that use their cute little hand prints, foot prints, or finger prints! Not only are they a super fun sensory experience for the child to create, but they also remind mom and dad of the wonderful years with their little kids before they got big!

  • 10 Handprint Christmas Crafts for Kids: This post includes such fun ideas as a wreath made from paper cutouts of the child’s hand, an adorable reindeer that you’ll have to see to believe, Santa- including fuzzy white beard, snowflakes, mittens, and more- all using your sweet pea’s tiny and perfect hands!
  • toddler christmas crafts - Google Search
  • Footprint Reindeer Keepsake Card: I love this cute reindeer footprint! Who would have ever thought that a footprint would look like a reindeer?? But how cute is this!!! I can’t get over it. What an adorable tiny Rudolph foot!

  • Footprint Reindeer Keepsake Card
  • Christmas Tree Thumbprint Art: I really like this craft because it uses things I already have at my house! I also love that it’s not super structured. I can put a few colors of paint in front of my kiddos and let them go crazy! No problem! No worrying about if it’ll turn out right! Just enjoy the crafting. 🙂
  • Create this Christmas Tree Thumbprint Art in your kindergarten classroom as your next Christmas craft! It's a fine motor Christmas craft idea for kids.


For a great compilation of wonderful and easy crafts for you busy moms, check out this great post!

  • 25 Fun Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids- There’s tons of fun ideas here- including pinecone Christmas trees, sparkly slime, Santa beard masks, button snowflakes, and adorable cupcake liner Christmas trees!!! And seriously, they are all SO DOABLE! No pinterest fails here. Enjoy!!
  • Bird Feeder


Another great principle in crafting with kids is to look for a craft that allows some individual creativity instead of using a template that just creates one repeated product.

We don’t want cookie-cutter kids. We want unique individuals who know who they are, what they like, and how to express themselves.

These crafts use a basic template but allow some aspect of individual adaption.

  • Beaded Christmas Ornaments: In this great craft, the child get to choose colors of beads, design of beads, and shape of the ornament he creates. Those choices build children’s personalities and individuality. Plus this one is just plain clever! Using a cookie cutter to melt beads into adorable ornaments?? I love it!!
  • cookie cutter pony bead ornaments


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Adult Crafts:

Who needs some mom craft time- you know, the serious, no joke crafting that only happens after the kids go to bed? Me, me, me!!

Here’s some great DIY challenges for you mamas (or dads) who master the cutesy fluffy beauty of creation.

  • Christmas Nail Art Designs: Ok, these are for sure #1 in the adult crafts section. I know, I know… this is borderline depending on your definition of a “craft….” but honestly, I think this should count! This takes sooooo much talent! These are stunning! And they make me want to hang a stocking, wrap presents, and sit by the fire under a blanket!
  • easy christmas nail art designs
  • Scrap Ribbon Christmas Tree: I love how easy but adorable this craft is. You could actually include your kids on this one if you want… or just enjoy yourself…. Either way! I love that this uses natural elements (the stick). I love bringing a little bit of nature into my house. I also love that you don’t need a ton of supplies or time. And it’s still so cute!! I’m sold.
  • Green and Brown Scrap Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornament
  • How to Transfer Photos Onto Wood: Whaaaaaa???? Is this possible? Apprently it is. I’m going to have to see it for myself! Can you imagine having your favorite pictures of your kids on your own, homemade, unique, adorable, but still fancy Christmas ornaments??? I’m in! Let’s do it!
  • 1-photo-transfer
  • Adorable Popsicle Stick Sled: Ok, I can’t handle how this looks like something I’d buy from the store… But it’s homemade. And that’s what DIY crafts always shoot for isn’t it??? I would be proud to have those on my tree! Not one of those “Even though this is terrible, I guess I’ll hang this up because I worked hard on it” sorta things. This is quality!
  • Popsicle stick sleds. These easy handmade Christmas ornaments can be dressed up or done as a simple kids Christmas craft.


Now, I want to hear from you- What is YOUR favorite Christmas craft on Pinterest? Or your favorite Christmas craft that SHOULD be on Pinterest?

I hope you all enjoy your holiday, and enjoy your crafting.

Have a great time, whether it’s with the whole family, one-on-one time with a child who needs to connect with you, or just some well-deserved alone time for yourself.



Mrs. S


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